(that is ... dotcom) the online home of me, Lee Sachs, writer, performer, purveyor of comic ramblings and occasional user experience (UX) consulting (not in that order). I intend to get this site so that it really has some, how shall we say, uh, content. For now, enjoy these videos, links to some writing and sign up for my newsletter while you're at it why doncha?:
The Cool Pillows Exponent

Humor Writing

You can read my stuff online at some places like Points In Case, RobotButt, The Weekly Humorist. I've also published in the esteemed journal of jocularity, The American Bystander. And, coming soon to a newsletter near you, McSweeney's.


The New Porns Porn isn't just for adults anymore!

Managing Your Email Notifications If you want to be notified when someone who was following you stops following you that you used to follow ...

Note of Appreciation From Dinosaur Old Business To Customers Still Buying And Not Using The New Business Disruptors Title says it all


Elon Musk! Let Me Do Your Job! I'm totally into rockets and tubes and batteries and sliding boards and stuff!!

The Universe Tells Me ... The universe wants me to be happy. The universe really does want me to happy. I am not happy.

Season 87 Recap: This may be my last recap for a while Rumors that Kanye West will play “The Farmer In The Dell?” Supposedly unfounded.


Most of these videos, presented here for the first time in one place, are from a series I participate in called "Monologues & Madness." This has been a great place to work out ideas, vent my frustrations and perform without a net (although I don't have to memorize).

Trapped In A User Experience

This was based on another earlier monologue of User Experience it's a little different and I ramble on ... y'know?

We Are F'd

A short promotional video for a company that everybody works for in some way or another.

Thinking Outside The Box

Business is all about one thing. I'm not really sure what one thing, but maybe it's this.