Videos of monologues. Not standup. Not improv. Not The Moth. Monologues

“I heard there’s a mason jar restoration company that sanitizes antique jars with a biodegradable cleanser they later recycle into a hearty gazpacho”
“I am the second letter ‘T’ in the word ‘important‘ that some people cannot enunciate…”
“I started looking at all the mango websites which I learn are called ‘fanmangos‘”
“Our butcher, a recovering self-mutilator, lacerates his left arm once for every animal he dispatches.”
“We shot videos of programmers in front of huge monitors, dense with code. Well, it looked like code. We weren’t really sure. It definitely wasn’t English…”
“Thinking outside the box. Where do we begin? Let’s review.. Let’s start with the box! Why don’t we say thinking outside the prison!”
“If you’re a waiter, don’t tell me your name. Don’t get excited about reading me the specials. Don’t make me wave at you to get attention. Don’t touch me.”
“What difference does it fucking make if I accept the shit I can’t change or I don’t accept the shit I can’t change. Nothing fucking changes!”