It's a nickname...

My friend Maureen came up with it one day in college when ya sit around and think of where everybody’s name came from like in those baby name books.

Y’know ya look up someone’s name and it has some background or history or whatever.

So, yeah I pulled this off of Amazon and I don’t have permission but the pages 454-462 are missing because they have “Lee” on them. But, as if we need to know, the name “Lucky” means “fortunate.”


Then I grew up

I was out of college and grad school and, uh, doing things that required a business card like raising money for an independent feature (don’t get me started).

I needed a logo.

For my, oh okay, my Buhhhh– Buhh– Brand:
Cool Pillows. 

(okay i said it. i’m very sorry…)

I found this image of a pillow.

It was one of those big full-page ads in the back of a section of the New York Times. For Pillows. I think it was Bloomingdales. Ralph Lauren probably.

And some font treatment and and some of this and that and here we are.

“Wanna give me money for an independent feature film? I have this business card.”

The Original Pillow
The Original Business Card

Computers, the web, what fresh hell is this?

It was time for a website. I tried drawing a pillow.

But an approximation of a pillow.

The Pillow … suggested.

Let's Draw A Pillow
Let's Draw Another Pillow

But, my drawing suggested …

I can’t really draw.

I could barely master Illustrator or whatever the hell ya draw with on the machines.

Let's Go Vector

But little by little I learned and figured out a few things.

Another Sorta Pillow
Almost There Pillow

And eventually I came up with this thing below and I liked those corners so I reused that shape for the borders … see below.

Another Original Pillow

That was cool for a while. For a Pillow. 

There was fresh snow. We had these leopard patterned pillows. What if I put a pillow in the snow?


A pillow in the snow evokes certain thoughts, questions.

Like … “what the fuck is a leopard-patterned pillow doing in the snow?”

“And why is that guy taking pictures of it?”

“Does he think that’s funny?”

“Why am I even asking this questions?”

“Who am I anyway?”

“Why are you asking?”

“How many people are talking here?”

“Okay this better stop.”